Jan Stigmer refers to them as his trilogy. Three recordings with music that could easily be described as being the very epicentre of virtuoso violin music. And some great music it is! “ This music has been with me for as long as I can remember. In dreams, in incredibly hard work, in success and in failure. These recording represents not only my great passion for the violin, but they also represent the closing of a chapter. And even though I will surely revisit some of this music, other parts of it now belongs to the past.
Probably the most daunting and fascinating work single instrument ever written. Jan Stigmers ambition has been to focus on the lyrical qualities of Paganinis music.
Bela Bartók Sonata for violin solo, Willhelm Ernst The Last rose of summer and Der Erlkönig, Niccoló Paganini God Save the King and Nel cor pií non mi sento and Nathan Milstein Paganiniana.                                                   A truly amazing repertoire on this recording. From Bartók’s monumental sonata, to Ernsts amazingly intelligent showpieces, via Paganini’s grand pieces for violin solo to Milstein’s very personal summary of Paganini’s music.
The six sonatas for violin solo by Eugéne Ysaÿe are among the most personal and inspired works written for the violin. The richness of pallet needed to play these pieces make them the most challenging of tasks for any performer.  
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First out is the rrecording of the 24 Caprices by Niccoló Paganini released in November 2013. The second and the third recordings are expected in 2014.